About Us

A long-running road story that started in 1957 in Ankara’s commercial and shopping center, Pigeon Street, has passed half a century. The story of perseverance, work, stability and success that started on the ground floor of one of the old Ankara houses by Hamdi Ersoy, the founder of those years with its difficult conditions and technological possibilities.

Dating back half a century with the focus of customer satisfaction, Arkadas Print House’s basic principle in human relations is to provide accurate, honest and complete service. Our company, which continues its way with the principle of absolute customer and employee satisfaction, develops with a contemporary vision that meets the current and future expectations of its customers, adopts sensitivity to people, closely follows global interactions and constantly renews itself.

Continuously raising the quality bar of printing, expanding and developing its product range is one of the most important tasks that Arkadas Print House has created. Our company, which draws attention with its experienced team and technological machinery, is achieving sustainable successes with its wide range of customers.

It is happy to produce the products of the printing industry, which is becoming more diversified day by day, in line with the needs of the sectors, using quality management systems, without compromising business ethics, most importantly, without breaking the price-quality balance.